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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Pool inspection checklist residential

Instructions and Help about Pool inspection checklist residential

Music we're over here at the main pool equipment again I'm gonna start and be consistent with our SOP I'm gonna start with the macaron we'll look at the big picture so if you always start with the pump itself and go from there you'll be much more consistent the pipe coming in the side is what's where the direction that the water is coming from so it's coming in this way so we always start right here it's a nice easy spot to start so all this stuff is coming from the pool the skimmer the main drain those kind of things so I know it's coming in here it comes out the top into the filter that always comes out the top into the filter out of the filter and one returning back to the pool so very simple follow that path and if you had a chlorinator or something like that you got to make darn sure it's last we've seen that plenty of times where it's been installed like right before the heater things like that which will obviously cause premature failure due to corrosion and you can so forth so I've got the basic layout I personally like to operate the valves I know it's beyond the SOPs but it's the only way I know it's gonna everything works and since I know the travel the path of everything I'm not afraid of doing that on the backside this is a new pump okay it's got a spot for a bond wire but it's missing the bond wire now the bond wire bonding it for pools has been around since 1962 it's been a really really long time this house was built in mid 2022. so I know I'm well inside that requirement if you can't establish a bond like it's buried somewhere here in order to make a new one you dig a hole all the way to the tank the cool tank and that steel cage you can have to bust a hole on the side of the pool clamp off to your steel cage so everything has equipotential bonding everything metal associated with the system including that screen that the cage so it can be very expensive since I'm not going to dig it up we're gonna note it that it's not here you need to recover it or have an electrician in a way for new installation because this pool has a light you've got to make sure that it's got some kind of protection in the form of ground fault circuit interrupter which is running through this receptacle we verified it earlier and it's led so it is running through a transformer or stepping down from 120 about 12 volts so I know that I have protection that works but you got to make darn sure that you document that we have found it plenty of times it's wired 100 straight volts straight to the lamp in the pool.

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