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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Pool inspection checklist residential

Instructions and Help about Pool inspection checklist residential

Music we're over here at the main pool equipment again I'm gonna start and be consistent with our SOP I'm gonna start with the macaron we'll look at the big picture so if you always start with the pump itself and go from there you'll be much more consistent the pipe coming in the side is what's where the direction that the water is coming from so it's coming in this way so we always start right here it's a nice easy spot to start so all this stuff is coming from the pool the skimmer the main drain those kind of things so I know it's coming in here it comes out the top into the filter that always comes out the top into the filter out of the filter and one returning back to the pool so very simple follow that path and if you had a chlorinator or something like that you got to make darn sure it's last we've seen that plenty of times where it's been installed like right before the heater things like that which will obviously cause premature failure due to corrosion and you can so forth so I've got the basic layout I personally like to operate the valves I know it's beyond the SOPs but it's the only way I know it's gonna everything works and since I know the travel the path of everything I'm not afraid of doing that on the backside this is a new pump okay it's got a spot for a bond wire but it's missing the bond wire now the bond wire bonding it for pools has been around since 1962 it's been a really really long time this house was built in mid 2022. so I know I'm well inside that requirement if you can't establish a bond like it's buried somewhere here in order to make a new one you dig a hole all the way to the tank the cool tank and that steel cage you can have to bust a hole on the side of the pool clamp off to your steel cage so everything has equipotential bonding everything metal associated with the system including that screen that the cage so it can be very expensive since I'm not going to dig it up we're gonna note it that it's not here you need to recover it or have an electrician in a way for new installation because this pool has a light you've got to make sure that it's got some kind of protection in the form of ground fault circuit interrupter which is running through this receptacle we verified it earlier and it's led so it is running through a transformer or stepping down from 120 about 12 volts so I know that I have protection that works but you got to make darn sure that you document that we have found it plenty of times it's wired 100 straight volts straight to the lamp in the pool.


How much does it cost to fill out a swimming pool?
The average price of water in the United States is about $1.50 for 1,000 gallons. The water required for a pool is in between 15000 gallons to 25000 gallons, you can do the maths now. One important thing is that ask your pool construction company that, is it ok to fill up water continuously or not. They can suggest you in a better way.
How long would it take to fill a 15000 gallon pool while using standard residential water spout pressure?
How long would it take to fill a 15,000 gallon pool while using a standard water spout pressure? To begin with, there usually isn’t a standard water spout pressure, or water pressure on a community water system supply system. If you live at the lowest point on the system and have enough capacity on the main to handle demand, you will have more pressure than a home at a higher, or the highest elevation. Ideal water pressure might be between 40 and 60 pounds, and you could use that number for a baseline you would still need to factor in the hose and hose bib size. A 1/2 inch hose bib has a much lower flow rate than a 3/4 inch hose bib, and likewise, a 3/4 inch water hose on a 3/4 inch hose bib has more flow than a 1/2 inch hose on the same bib.Now, if you want an example, our above ground pool is 9,000 gallons, and we ran a 5/8 inch hose off of a 3/4 inch bib, and filled it in 9 hours, so we averaged about 1,000 gallons per hour. If your pressure and supply is similar, you might be looking at 15 hours, give or take. Two things can drastically alter the time or rate of flow. A longer hose has a much lower flow rate than a short one (ours was 25 ft), and if the service pipe to your home is small, or if it has a pressure reducing backflow preventer, your rate of fill is going to be slower.
How can I share Google keep checklist to 100 people so they can each fill out their own list independently without interrupting each other?
There is a way to do this, although it is a little messy.Create your list.Give it a title.Label it with a project name. Make a copy of your list.Share the copy with person #1 and add their name in the title.Archive the shared list (to keep your main Keep view less cluttered). Repeat the "make a copy" section steps 98 more times, sharing with a different person each time.Share the original with the 100th person.Add their name to the title.Archive the shared list. This will take time to set up, but you will have 100 discrete lists shared with 100 individuals. You will also have a means to view all of the lists (find your label in the navigation panel by clicking the three lines in the upper left) while keeping your main view uncluttered. Adding each individual's name to the title helps you scan through the lists, and you can always use search to surface one quickly.
How long does it take to put out a fire in a swimming pool filled with gasoline?
About as long as is required to get a foam line set up. Most competent rescue companies should be able to have a foam line operational in well under two minutes from arrival if they have good access to the pool. Once the line is operational the bulk of the fire can be knocked down within 30 seconds or so. To make sure you get a nice solid blanket of foam to prevent reignition will probably take another minute or so. In total it should take about five minutes give or take.Of course something like an airport crash tender which is specifically set up to deal with this type of scenario should be able to use only one operator and get the fire under control in significantly less time than that.
How much would it cost to fill a pool with French fries?
The overall cost basically depends upon the size of the swimming pool being considered.Here, I am considering a standard swimming pool of the following dimensions : 25 metres x 10 metres x 2 metres.So, from the the above dimensions, volume can be calculated as 25 x 10 x 2 = 375 cubic metres.Considering french fry as a cuboid, size would be 5.2 cm x 1.2 cm x 0.7 cm = 0.0000043 cubic metres.Assume the Cost of one french fry to be around 1.2 ₹.Total number of french fries = 375 / 0.0000043 = 87209302Total cost would come be = 87209302 x 1.2₹ = 104,651,162₹ appx.Assuming french fries can be packed with no gap between them.PS : I have considered that french fries were directly ordered from McDonald’s. It isn’t a bad idea if you are a millionaire.
What is the checklist we get after we make the payment during pre-registration at UPES? How do we fill it out?
Checklist is the document which states that you have completed your pre registration form…you dont have to fill it out.. Just bring it on the assigned registration date,authorities will fill it themselves.
How many $1 unstacked bills would it take to fill up an Olympic sized swimming pool?
Given that you conclude with "diving in", I'm going to guess we don't want to just dump dollar bills in there.  That would be akin to diving into a stack of papers.  It would hurt.  A lot.It would also take a lot of money.  Something like 2 billion as other answers and comments have mentioned, which is going to be difficult to get ahold of, because there aren't many banks or other institutions which will give you that much in cash-- certainly not in 1's!Instead, let's do this to the dollar bills:Now it takes up more volume (so we'll use fewer of them), and might actually be possible to dive into, because they'll squish and move out of our way.  Much nicer to dive into and swim in than piled up 1's.That wadded up bill is around 1" in diameter, and, while hardly a sphere, would probably be decently approximated by a sphere in terms of how much volume it would take up if you started piling them up on top of each other.  So, let's go with that.An olympic swimming pool has a volume of about 2500 cubic meters, and our little wadded-up 1's are taking up about 0.00000858 cubic meters each.  You'll need about 291 million of them with simple division.  MUCH better than 2 billion.  But it's actually a little better, because spheres don't pack perfectly.  They only fill up something like 74% of the space when they're packed in efficiently.  And (so says Wikipedia) about 64% of the volume when they're randomly packed.  That gets us down to about 186 million dollar bills.I'm not sure you'd want to dive in, still.  But I'll wager you could actually get in there and move around a bit.
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