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Florida Swimming Pool Inspection Form: What You Should Know

Section 510.10: Unlawful acts of persons entering, operating or remaining in a public pools. Deny application for a permit. The state of Florida has enacted laws that regulate the swimming community, including swimming pools. The Florida Department of Health protects the health and safety of Florida swimming residents through enforcement of these laws and its programs. The Florida Department of Health regulates swimming by providing and maintaining certain health and public safety services under Title 50 of the Florida Statutes. The Act regulates the operation, maintenance and operation of swimming pools. The Florida Department regulates private swimming pools when they operate for not more than 72 hours a week. The Department receives and conducts inspections of swimming facilities as well as conducts educational programs to increase public awareness of the health hazards associated with swimming. The Florida Department of Health has established rules by which private swimming pools must operate to protect the health and safety of swimming community members, maintain a pool to be used primarily or exclusively for swimming activities, and operate the pool in a manner that does not pose an unreasonable danger to health. There is also a swimming license for all private swimming pools, regulated by the Department. This license is issued for a stated period of time so that the license holder remains eligible to operate the same swimming pool for the entire time the license is issued. The license holder must follow the rules and regulations of the Florida Department of Health to possess, keep, maintain and use a swimming pool. If a swimming pool has been inspected by the Florida Department of Health, that inspection report must be kept and made available to the public. The license allows a swimming pool operator to provide swimming services and conduct business within the public pools. Licensing requirements are as follows: The operator of a private swimming pool must: Operate the pool in accordance with the rules of the Florida Department of Health. The pool operator must also provide swimming services, maintain the pool, and do all other things necessary to operate the swimming pool. The license is valid only for the person who holds it. A private swimming pool must be properly registered with the State of Florida and licensed from another jurisdiction in the state. In accordance with state law, a swimming pool operator may not operate a pool unless the operator has been licensed as a private swimming pool operator. License information is available by clicking on the following link: Private Swimming Pool License.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Florida swimming pool inspection

Instructions and Help about Florida swimming pool inspection

Hi folks, it's Jim Davis. Today, I want to talk about buying a house with a pool and why it's so important to get that pool inspected prior to closing. Today, we'll be looking at one of the most expensive repairs that you can make to an existing pool, and that's resurfacing it. A lot of people, if you've never owned a pool, you don't realize that the surface of that pool actually wears out about every 10 years. You're going to need to get it resurfaced. So, if you're buying an older pool that's installed in a house, you're going to want to make sure to have that surface looked at and know about the costs involved in resurfacing that pool before you close. The surface of this pool has worn away in several areas. You can see that the gunite below the surface is actually starting to show through in several areas. This pool is quite frankly past due for a refinish. The first thing that takes place is we have to strip out the old tile and remove the old finish. New tile has to be put on and laid out straight. Here, we see the walls of the pool where the surface has been removed, and it's ready to receive the new topcoat. Now, whenever you resurface a pool, you'll have a selection of surface colors and materials to choose from. Once you've picked one of those, they will come out, mix the color on-site and then start forming it onto the sides of the gunite walls. They'll keep working and working, starting with the sides first, until they finish all the way around. You can see just how thick that finish is that they're applying. The surface has been applied and completed, and now it's just prior...