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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Pool health inspector

Instructions and Help about Pool health inspector

I'm John Mason i work for the Deschutes County Environmental Health Division or the health department and I'm a registered environmental health specialist we're out trying to protect public self so I'm a county employee I work just within two shoots County and I have 250 pools that I inspect about half of them are well about a core let's say a third of them are seasonal so they get one inspection year but we have lots of indoor pools spas around here so those get inspected twice a year and there are always unannounced inspections my job is to protect the public's health and I do that by educating the operators on how they can meet the rules best explaining chemistry and filtration and some other simple things like that I prefer to think of myself as an educator not a cop I I think you know my job is probably ninety percent education ten percent enforce them at least that's why I hope it goes anyway there are some safe swimming techniques that we want to make sure that bathers know about simple three simple ones are don't swim if you've had diarrhea in the last two weeks you know the germs that Klingon you can get into the pool please take a shower and get rid of that stuff so it's in the sewer or not in the pool so the chlorine has to go after it and take bathroom breaks frequently which is pretty important for bathers for swimmers to be able to take a shower before they get into water one of the things that we as the Health Department are trying to work on is letting people know that chlorine doesn't kill bacteria immediately sometimes it takes hours and depending on the bacteria days and if people bring a lot of lotions or sweat dirt into the pool well that's that much more that the chlorine has to go after instead of killing the bacteria so part of our our next five ten year plan is making sure that bathers know that they have put on the water quality that's their swimming in.


How much does it cost to fill out a swimming pool?
The average price of water in the United States is about $1.50 for 1,000 gallons. The water required for a pool is in between 15000 gallons to 25000 gallons, you can do the maths now. One important thing is that ask your pool construction company that, is it ok to fill up water continuously or not. They can suggest you in a better way.
How long does it take to put out a fire in a swimming pool filled with gasoline?
About as long as is required to get a foam line set up. Most competent rescue companies should be able to have a foam line operational in well under two minutes from arrival if they have good access to the pool. Once the line is operational the bulk of the fire can be knocked down within 30 seconds or so. To make sure you get a nice solid blanket of foam to prevent reignition will probably take another minute or so. In total it should take about five minutes give or take.Of course something like an airport crash tender which is specifically set up to deal with this type of scenario should be able to use only one operator and get the fire under control in significantly less time than that.
How much would it cost to fill a pool with French fries?
The overall cost basically depends upon the size of the swimming pool being considered.Here, I am considering a standard swimming pool of the following dimensions : 25 metres x 10 metres x 2 metres.So, from the the above dimensions, volume can be calculated as 25 x 10 x 2 = 375 cubic metres.Considering french fry as a cuboid, size would be 5.2 cm x 1.2 cm x 0.7 cm = 0.0000043 cubic metres.Assume the Cost of one french fry to be around 1.2 ₹.Total number of french fries = 375 / 0.0000043 = 87209302Total cost would come be = 87209302 x 1.2₹ = 104,651,162₹ appx.Assuming french fries can be packed with no gap between them.PS : I have considered that french fries were directly ordered from McDonald’s. It isn’t a bad idea if you are a millionaire.
How many $1 unstacked bills would it take to fill up an Olympic sized swimming pool?
Given that you conclude with "diving in", I'm going to guess we don't want to just dump dollar bills in there.  That would be akin to diving into a stack of papers.  It would hurt.  A lot.It would also take a lot of money.  Something like 2 billion as other answers and comments have mentioned, which is going to be difficult to get ahold of, because there aren't many banks or other institutions which will give you that much in cash-- certainly not in 1's!Instead, let's do this to the dollar bills:Now it takes up more volume (so we'll use fewer of them), and might actually be possible to dive into, because they'll squish and move out of our way.  Much nicer to dive into and swim in than piled up 1's.That wadded up bill is around 1" in diameter, and, while hardly a sphere, would probably be decently approximated by a sphere in terms of how much volume it would take up if you started piling them up on top of each other.  So, let's go with that.An olympic swimming pool has a volume of about 2500 cubic meters, and our little wadded-up 1's are taking up about 0.00000858 cubic meters each.  You'll need about 291 million of them with simple division.  MUCH better than 2 billion.  But it's actually a little better, because spheres don't pack perfectly.  They only fill up something like 74% of the space when they're packed in efficiently.  And (so says Wikipedia) about 64% of the volume when they're randomly packed.  That gets us down to about 186 million dollar bills.I'm not sure you'd want to dive in, still.  But I'll wager you could actually get in there and move around a bit.
Is working out mainly in the pool detrimental to bone health?
Weight bearing exercise supports maintenance of bone density.  Swimming is obviously great for health, but you're right in thinking that it doesn't particularly help the bones.Bone density is built up until around the age of 27.  There is a balance between cells that build bone and those that break it down.  Certain health conditions and medications can affect bone density, and it is different for men and women.In the UK osteopenia and osteoporosis can be indicated with bone density (DXA) scans.  They use two different energies of x Ray and the software gives a measurement:  it is 2d density through the 3d bone.  The areas used are the lumbar spine, neck of femur - the bone there has a much higher proportion of trabecular bone.  It is a statistical measure: comparison to adult at peak bone health and age matched.  As we age we drop down in comparison to the adult at peak health, so more people fall into the osteoporosis and osteopenia categories.Google the National Osteoporosis Society (UK) - there is lots of information about the clinical aspects, medication, exercise and diet.I've heard that Pilates is good because it develops the core muscles that support the spine.  That is anecdotal and I am not a doctor: with your back you need expert advice.With you having back problems you should talk to a medical professional for advice re.  Risk factors and appropriate exercise.  It's good to think about your bones now and I wish you every success.
How many cups of water are needed to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool?
A slightly more accurate calculation:The volume of water in an Olympic sized swimming pool is 660,000 US gallons.1 US Fluid Gallon = 16 US CupsSo 10,560,000 US cups1 US Gallon = 0.8326741881485 UK GallonSo 8,792,995 UK Gallons
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