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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Pool inspection process

Instructions and Help about Pool inspection process

Alright guys so today we're just gonna go over a little a little bit about how to remove in ground swimming pools the first thing you're gonna want to do this is after you already have the job after you have the bid is you're gonna want to talk to the town and see if you're gonna need to get a permit of any sort some towns require permits some of them don't so talk to the town and see what they require there's really two main pools you're gonna encounter one has a vinyl liner the other one has a concrete liner the vinyl is much easier than the concrete vinyl will be the most common pool that you find concrete's a lot more difficult but those are the two main ones you're gonna you're going to see once you have the permit and you've already got the bid some of the machinery you're gonna need is a skid steer you're gonna need a skid steer with a grapple bucket on it you're also going to need an excavator with a foam attachment alright you may need other items like concrete saws or different types of jackhammers that's just a job I job basis but those are the four main machines you're gonna need before you begin you want to make sure that all the electrical excuse me the electric is cut off any pumps that are going to the pool make sure those are cut off already so everything is dead before you start once you bring the equipment on you don't want anything live so the first thing you're going to do is remove all the crowning around the pool outside of the pool generally it's concrete but you're going to want to pull that up with the Bobcat you know the excavator one of the two that's where that Bobcat with the grapple comes in handy and that's where you also also need a jackhammer attachment on your excavator or skid steer once you have that removed you're going to want to do the liner by no is really really easy just take your your excavator pull it up you know it comes out in one piece generally concrete liner it gets a little bit more tricky so if you do have a concrete liner you're going to want to have a jackhammer attachment on your excavator and you're just gonna have to bust it up peace pipe with the excavator because you really can't get down in there with your machines it early your skid steer what's this all broken up you're gonna want to switch to a bucket start pulling all that concrete out of there and then put it off to the side for transportation which brings us to the next point transportation for these types of jobs you're gonna want to get a larger dump truck generally a quad or a five axle dump truck your your junk removal trucks aren't.


How do you design a swimming pool?
0.08 7.25 How to Design and Build a Swimming Pool - YouTube YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip As a designer. So why this 3d modeling helps so much as you can see here as you start to see howMoreAs a designer. So why this 3d modeling helps so much as you can see here as you start to see how three dimensionally what's that water feature going to look like in this case and the walls.
What should I look for when inspecting a house with a pool?
As a house owner, after purchasing the house with a pool, you need to regularly check the pool pumps, filters and heaters to see whether they are operating properly. You should also inspect the electrical equipment and plumbing. It could be an additional cost for you if these pool devices are not in good condition.
How much is a pool inspection in NJ?
The cost of a pool inspection varies based on a number of factors including where you live and the size and condition of the pool, and could range from $125-$250 or even higher if there are special equipment installed.
What conditions are required for the design of a swimming pool?
Designing and installing a swimming pool requires specialist design to address. the building structure and mangement of the environment (taking into account shape, size, depth, tank, etc.) specific techniques (such as filtration, the circulation system 13 pumps, inlets and outlets, pipe work, etc.)
What is pool inspection?
In addition to the pool itself, a pool inspector will inspect all of the pool equipment. This includes filters, pumps, heaters, plumbing, timers, and any other electrical components involved in the pool's functioning. The goal of a professional inspector is to determine what damage, if any, is affecting the pool.
What do I need to know to design a pool?
10 Factors to Consider Before Building a Pool Know your zoning laws Decide on the type of pool you want Look toward longevity Seek out a quality circulation system Think about how much can you maintain Weigh water features and lighting Don't forget landscaping Determine your budget.
What is involved in pool maintenance?
To keep your pool looking great, you'll need to keep your water moving and properly filtered, keep debris and dead spots cleaned up, and balance your water chemistry. The first step to keeping your pool clean and clear is to make sure your water is circulating properly.
What are pool specifications?
Who is a lap pool right for? Type of PoolTypical GallonsTypical Pool Dimensions (length x width)Cocktail Pool8,000 To 10,00023' x 12' To 26' x 13'Standard Pool12,000 To 13,50028' x 14' To 30' x 15'Diving Pool23,000 To 28,00035' x 16' To 38' x 18'Lap Pool16,000 To 20,00036' x 14' To 40' x 16'1 more row
What are the major components of a swimming pool?
A typical swimming pool needs seven major components. A basin. A motorized pump. A water filter. A chemical feeder. Drains. Returns. PVC plastic plumbing connecting all of these elements.
How do I become a pool inspector in NJ?
Certified Pool Inspector (CPI) is a 3-year certification. Enrollee completes the online course and will receive a Record of Completion. If you want to apply for the exam, you must submit an application to PHTA with an exam fee of $115.00. Once certified, you are required to have 24 CEUs for renewal.
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