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Instructions and Help about Pool inspection process

Alright guys so today we're just gonna go over a little a little bit about how to remove in ground swimming pools the first thing you're gonna want to do this is after you already have the job after you have the bid is you're gonna want to talk to the town and see if you're gonna need to get a permit of any sort some towns require permits some of them don't so talk to the town and see what they require there's really two main pools you're gonna encounter one has a vinyl liner the other one has a concrete liner the vinyl is much easier than the concrete vinyl will be the most common pool that you find concrete's a lot more difficult but those are the two main ones you're gonna you're going to see once you have the permit and you've already got the bid some of the machinery you're gonna need is a skid steer you're gonna need a skid steer with a grapple bucket on it you're also going to need an excavator with a foam attachment alright you may need other items like concrete saws or different types of jackhammers that's just a job I job basis but those are the four main machines you're gonna need before you begin you want to make sure that all the electrical excuse me the electric is cut off any pumps that are going to the pool make sure those are cut off already so everything is dead before you start once you bring the equipment on you don't want anything live so the first thing you're going to do is remove all the crowning around the pool outside of the pool generally it's concrete but you're going to want to pull that up with the Bobcat you know the excavator one of the two that's where that Bobcat with the grapple comes in handy and that's where you also also need a jackhammer attachment on your excavator or skid steer once you have that removed you're going to want to do the liner by no is really really easy just take your your excavator pull it up you know it comes out in one piece generally concrete liner it gets a little bit more tricky so if you do have a concrete liner you're going to want to have a jackhammer attachment on your excavator and you're just gonna have to bust it up peace pipe with the excavator because you really can't get down in there with your machines it early your skid steer what's this all broken up you're gonna want to switch to a bucket start pulling all that concrete out of there and then put it off to the side for transportation which brings us to the next point transportation for these types of jobs you're gonna want to get a larger dump truck generally a quad or a five axle dump truck your your junk removal trucks aren't.


How much does it cost to fill out a swimming pool?
The average price of water in the United States is about $1.50 for 1,000 gallons. The water required for a pool is in between 15000 gallons to 25000 gallons, you can do the maths now. One important thing is that ask your pool construction company that, is it ok to fill up water continuously or not. They can suggest you in a better way.
How long does it take to put out a fire in a swimming pool filled with gasoline?
About as long as is required to get a foam line set up. Most competent rescue companies should be able to have a foam line operational in well under two minutes from arrival if they have good access to the pool. Once the line is operational the bulk of the fire can be knocked down within 30 seconds or so. To make sure you get a nice solid blanket of foam to prevent reignition will probably take another minute or so. In total it should take about five minutes give or take.Of course something like an airport crash tender which is specifically set up to deal with this type of scenario should be able to use only one operator and get the fire under control in significantly less time than that.
How much would it cost to fill a pool with French fries?
The overall cost basically depends upon the size of the swimming pool being considered.Here, I am considering a standard swimming pool of the following dimensions : 25 metres x 10 metres x 2 metres.So, from the the above dimensions, volume can be calculated as 25 x 10 x 2 = 375 cubic metres.Considering french fry as a cuboid, size would be 5.2 cm x 1.2 cm x 0.7 cm = 0.0000043 cubic metres.Assume the Cost of one french fry to be around 1.2 ₹.Total number of french fries = 375 / 0.0000043 = 87209302Total cost would come be = 87209302 x 1.2₹ = 104,651,162₹ appx.Assuming french fries can be packed with no gap between them.PS : I have considered that french fries were directly ordered from McDonald’s. It isn’t a bad idea if you are a millionaire.
How many $1 unstacked bills would it take to fill up an Olympic sized swimming pool?
Given that you conclude with "diving in", I'm going to guess we don't want to just dump dollar bills in there.  That would be akin to diving into a stack of papers.  It would hurt.  A lot.It would also take a lot of money.  Something like 2 billion as other answers and comments have mentioned, which is going to be difficult to get ahold of, because there aren't many banks or other institutions which will give you that much in cash-- certainly not in 1's!Instead, let's do this to the dollar bills:Now it takes up more volume (so we'll use fewer of them), and might actually be possible to dive into, because they'll squish and move out of our way.  Much nicer to dive into and swim in than piled up 1's.That wadded up bill is around 1" in diameter, and, while hardly a sphere, would probably be decently approximated by a sphere in terms of how much volume it would take up if you started piling them up on top of each other.  So, let's go with that.An olympic swimming pool has a volume of about 2500 cubic meters, and our little wadded-up 1's are taking up about 0.00000858 cubic meters each.  You'll need about 291 million of them with simple division.  MUCH better than 2 billion.  But it's actually a little better, because spheres don't pack perfectly.  They only fill up something like 74% of the space when they're packed in efficiently.  And (so says Wikipedia) about 64% of the volume when they're randomly packed.  That gets us down to about 186 million dollar bills.I'm not sure you'd want to dive in, still.  But I'll wager you could actually get in there and move around a bit.
In an interview process, they have asked me to fill out a survey asking how much my current base salary is. What should I consider as I fill it?
I will give you advice from my personal experience. It may or may not work for somebody else, but it does work for me. This is a tricky question, I know. You put a number too small, you risk appearing to not value yourself enough and may get less salary than the employer had initially considered. You put your number too high and you risk scaring off the potential employer as having unreasonable expectations. I  usually tell them that salary is just a number and it not a top priority, that I do not want to miss out an opportunity because of a number, and if both parties are very enthusiastic, we can find a reasonable amount (this is an honest opinion, for me salary is not the decisive factor). But many headhunters/recruiters are very insistent on knowing your "expectations". If you are asked directly about your current salary, you can top it off with a few grands ,) No harm in that, but not too much. If asked about your expected salary, I recommend doing a little market research. Visit several websites and find a reasonable number adequate to your new title/responsibilities. If you think you are better than the average (and there's 50% chance you are), you can top it off with a few grands as well.In your situation, since there is no negotiator, only you and the paper, I would recommend putting your salary, or if you find it too low, you can find an average salary on the market for people with similar experience, and put that number.
How many cups of water are needed to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool?
A slightly more accurate calculation:The volume of water in an Olympic sized swimming pool is 660,000 US gallons.1 US Fluid Gallon = 16 US CupsSo 10,560,000 US cups1 US Gallon = 0.8326741881485 UK GallonSo 8,792,995 UK Gallons
Why do so many Americans think that guns are banned in the UK when there are almost 2 million of them legally owned?
In the UK can you own this gun:I built two that look like this, one for my son and one for me. I do live in CA so I had to do a background check and wait 10-days for the receiver, the part that the trigger and barrel attaches to. The other parts I ordered online and they were sent to my house, no license or background check necessary.How about this one:The M1 Garand, the American battlefield rifle from WWII. I own 2, both were used during WWII. One has been refurbished with mostly new parts and a new barrel and stock, the other has not, both shoot well. They are semi automatic and use a 8 round en bloc clip.Or this one:Winchester model 94 in .30–30. This model has taken more deer in North America than any other single gun model ever made.Mine was bought over the counter when I was 11 when there was no waiting period or background check. This was before the gun control act of 1968. I think I paid $80 for it. I saved up money from my paper route.Or the Glock 17Or the Glock 26Or the Glock 29Or Glock 42I do like GlocksOr the Russian Nagent 1895Or the Star Model BMine was issued to German police forces during WWII. It is still a very nice shooting gun.I have a few others but you should get the idea.Depending on the time of year and the circumstances (backcountry, hiking, city, summer, winter) I can conceal carry one of the Glocks, I have my CCW permit. I have not needed it yet. A few years ago, I was glad I had the G29 with a G20 mag when I surprised a Grizzly bear while hiking in Glacier National Park. I did not need it but I would rather have one and not need it than need one and not have it.I have read that the British Lee-Enfield used in WWII is an excellent rifle, very accurate, so I think that will be the next one I add to my WWII gun collection.Now, in my state, I just had to pass a firearms safety test that cost $25. It is so basic I did not have to study for it and still got 100%. I completed the test in under 10 minutes. To buy a gun, I pay a $35 background check fee, and 10 days later I pick it up. Most states do not have a waiting period. I do have a Federal Firearms Collectors license so I can go out of state and buy a gun that is 50 years or older and not need a background check. I show my license, pay for it, and take it with me.I can keep my guns at home, loaded and ready for self-defense at all times. If someone comes into my house uninvited, I can shoot them in self-defense, without having to wait for the police, which is nice, because where I live the police response time is usually 6 to 12 hours. If I do shoot an intruder, the police response time will still be 6 to 12 hours. So when he bleeds out and dies, it will be the fault of the police because the paramedics will not come onto the property until the police clear the scene.So, tell me, compared to the US, are guns effectively banned in the UK?Lets put it another way, If I visit the UK, what are the chances that I will be able to shoot a gun during a two-week stay?If you visit the US, and you wanted to shoot a gun, you will be able to do it with a 100% chance. Go to Las Vegas and you can shoot a fully automatic machine gun.When my relatives from Germany visit, we always go shooting. They love to shoot the revolvers and lever action guns because they like to pretend they are back in the old west. They have a thing for cowboys.
It requires 12 hours to fill 3/5 of a swimming pool. At this rate, how many hours is required to fill the remainder of the pool?
There is a direct relationship or direct variation that exists between the fraction f of a swimming pool that is filled with water and the time t required to fill that much of the pool with water, that is, f varies directly as t. In other words, if a swimming pool is being filled with water, the more time t that elapses, the more that the swimming pool will be filled with water, and vice versa, the less time t that has elapsed, the less that the swimming pool will be filled with water. This direct relationship is expressed by equation f = kt, where k is the constant of proportionality, such that k = f/t, where k is a nonzero constant that keeps the same value for any ordered pair of values, (f, t), that exists between the two directly related variables, therefore, k = f1/t1 = f2/t2 = f3/t3 = f4/t4 = ... = fn/tn, where n is an integer. Therefore, we can set up the following proportion for describing our given set of circumstances and for solving our given direct variation problem:k = f1/t1 = f2/t2Substituting into our proportion using given and deduced values: f1 = 3/5 , t1 = 12 hours., and f2 (the remainder of the pool to be filled) = 5/5 (the pool is full) - 3/5 = 2/5, t2 =? hours, we have:(3/5)/(12 hrs.) = (2/5)/(t2)Taking the reciprocal of both sides of the equation, we have:(12 hrs.)/(3/5) = t2/(2/5)(5/3)(12 hrs.) = (5/2)t2(5/2)t2 = (5/3)(12 hrs.) (since equality is symmetric, i.e., if a = b, then b = a)(5/2)t2 = (5)(12/3) hrs.(5/2)t2 = (5)(4) hrs.(5/2)t2 = 20 hrs.(2/5)(5/2)t2 = (2/5)(20 hrs.)(1)t2 = (2)(20/5) hrs.t2 = (2)(4) hrs.t2 = 8 hrs. to fill the remaining 2/5, i.e., 1 - 3/5, of the pool.The constant of proportionality is k = (2/5)/(8) = (3/5)/(12) = 1/20
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