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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Residential pool inspection forms

Instructions and Help about Residential pool inspection forms

The coping on a vinyl liner swimming pool is different than the coping on a concrete swimming pool so that can be a point of confusion for some people on a concrete pool the coping is more or less the deck surface that sits directly over top of the pool wall now in a vinyl liner swimming pool the coping is actually the track that's used to retain the bead on the liner and it's basically what holds the liner in place in the swimming pool so to understand the different styles that you can have I've got two examples here so let's say that you were going to go with a natural stone deck or pieces of stone or pre pre-manufactured slabs of any kind anything other than something that you're going to pour into place like concrete for example so what you would use is you would use a style of coping that would go so this this cardboard box we've got here is going to represent this is the face of the wall of your swimming pool this is the top of the wall in your swimming pool so this first style of coping would attach onto the wall and it would attach with tech screws through the coping and you should you should put them about every six inches to every eight inches a lot of people shortcut that and put them every one foot two feet or three feet not simply not enough the coping will tear off the wall eventually and that's something that you're going to be looking for if you have this style of coping if you have this style of coping on the pool that you're inspecting ultimately what will happen is the weight of the liner pulling on the coping will tear it off of the wall so that's what you're checking for to see if that coping is losers that started to tear away from the wall at all and again this this is the style coping that you would see most commonly if there was like a natural stone deck or something like that where there would be pieces of stone that come out and cantilever over the top edge here now supposing that's not the style of coping that you're looking at if you have for example a poured concrete thank you probably you're looking at something like that's called bullnose coping so this is in this situation now I'll show the example here this style of coping sits on top of the pool wall instead of being mounted to the face of it that actually sits right on top so the finished deck elevation in the pool would be higher with the the coping that I'm showing here as an example now this one that I'm holding is actually a low profile often you'll see this a lot taller three or four inches taller this one's only two and three-quarter inches taller to accommodate for.

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