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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Above ground pool inspection checklist

Instructions and Help about Above ground pool inspection checklist

Welcome to swim University my name is Matt and this is my friend Dave and we are going to change the sand and his sand filter today now I guess it's been what six years since you yeah since we've changed the sand in the sand filter and over time the sand gets it loses its coarseness so it doesn't filter as good so are you ready to change the sand let's do it let's change some frickin sand okay before we start we just need to go over a few things that you're going to need in order to change the sand in your sand filter one you're going to want pull sand and not just any sand not play sand but pull sand or filter sand a screwdriver a shop-vac or a big plastic cup in our case we're going to use a shop vac today and duct tape first step is we're going to remove the drain plug and get all the water out of the filter so yeah let's remove that and we're going to let that drain for whoever knows how long it takes the drain alright next step is we're going to take off the collar of the multi-port valve and then we're going to remove these unions here so let's pop this off there's two screws here we have a electric screwdriver take that yep collars off now we're just going to unscrew the unions this particular filter had unions in there so that's beautiful we want to cut any pipe so we're going to unscrew these unions so that way we can remove the multi-port valve now you want to be gentle here because there's laterals at the bottom and these laterals can break under the pressure of the sand there you go there you go cool cool cool cool cool we're going to cover the top of the standpipe with duct tape so that no sand gets inside the pipe if it does that sand goes right back into the pool there we go cool we got the shot vac hooked up and we are going to suck some sand out of this filter so Music really shucks it sure does you want to take the standpipe lift it up check the laterals make sure that they're all good nothing's broken you don't want any broken laterals if you have broken laterals sand will get back into your in your pool guaranteed so check it down we're going to rinse it down we're not going to take the laterals out of this filter they're a little tight and they're they're hard to get out so we're just gonna leave it in there but rinse it down with the hose clean them out get the rest of the sand out of the filter and then we'll go from there now we're going to fill the tank full of water halfway full of water actually so we're going to want to replace.


What is a good above-ground pool to buy and how difficult is it to install?
My friends had a doughboy that was pretty awesome.  Plan to spend $5000 to $15,000 if you want it to last for a long time.  The $500 to $2,000 models are just junk.  Check with HowMuchisanIngroundPool.com | Fiberglass, Vinyl, Gunite Swimming Pools they actually helped my find the right pool a few years ago. I ended up buying a vinyl liner inground swimming pool, that cost about $18,000.
How could I drain above ground pool?
Draining an above ground pool is fairly easy with the proper equipment on hand.Step 1 ( do not skip)While pool is full remove with net as many leaves from bottom of pool as possible. It's easier removing wet leaves than the dried muck that will be on the bottom once it is empty.Step 2 (Of course unplug existing pump)Rent a good submersible sump pump. I don't recommend buying one unless you let your pool go green often. Renting can get expensive but if only renting once in a while it's definitely the route to go.Step 3Find a 5 gallon bucket and drill several holes on bottom of bucket. Not to big to let debris in but only water. This bucket will serve a few purposes.It will keep pump in one spot without it moving from side to side.It will keep large debri from glogging the intakeIt will protect the ever so easily puncture prone linerIt will drain the most water as close to the liner as possible. Most sump pumps have legs that can be removed. I recommend removing so sump sits directly on bucket bottom.Step 4 ( safety)Plug your sump pump to a ground fault circuit interrupter. ( GFCI) This could save your life. Most sump pumps are 110 volts. This is the hugging kind of electricity. Deadly! By the way, we learned this the hard way one fine day. Getting zapped by 110 while trying to remove it or letting go is quite a challenge. Your helpless cause no one can touch you. Careful out there!Step 5Drain as much as possible. The more water you get out the easier it will be to clean once empty. Once empty you can spray and clean the inside with some mild soap. Use sparingly. A dab of soap goes a long way.Step 6Don't loose heart if you don't get %100 of water out. Aim for %95 to %98 and call it done. Whatever water is left when you refill pool you can always manual vac. On a side note, if you do need all water out a good shop vac and a good mop come in handy. Especially with the help of a friend who owes you a favor. One mops while the other rings out. Works like a charm if you, of course, have a few beers during the process along with your favorite jams playing on Bluetooth.This is how we do the job when called upon. Of course, these are just suggestions but they have been tried and perfected over the course of our business over the many years.Cheers!!
How safe is it to build an above ground pool with concrete?
It depends on the factors of your structure. If the sides are large enough and the structure is stable, sure, no problem.I do not recommend you do it yourself though, large pools (which I assume is what you want to do with concrete) have a rather complex filtration system and if you do not prepare everything accordingly, you will need to break your pool to place your pipes.Also, check your local regulations. Pools are restricted to many different criteria for their construction.
How long do above-ground pools last?
We had a 28 ft round at one of our houses for 12 yrs before we sold the house and it was still perfect. Grant it we changed the liner like twice I think mainly for a different look plus they were like 4 or 5 yrs old when we did and just thought it was time. But if you take care of them they last a long long time. Oh and we replaced the pump and sand filter once as wellChristine
Is it unsafe to sleep next to a pool (outside above ground pool)? Will I breathe in the evaporating chemicals? How far away from the pool would it be safe?
I doubt that the chemicals will be sufficiently strong enough to be of concern. I would stay as far away as you can get from the chemical smell.
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