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Above ground pool inspection checklist Form: What You Should Know

Do you have any additional questions? If you are a builder, owner, or project owner, you will want to check out the SafetyCulture blog.  This is a great resource from a group called the “World's Safest Structures.” In addition, if you are a contractor doing work for a homeowner, don't you want to know how to prevent any unsafe work or design violations? You should definitely read through these posts: DIY Pool Safety Tips for Contractors Swimming Pool Construction Checklist A pool construction checklist covers the basics, such as: construction, installation, supervision, use, inspections, insurance and liability. This set of guidelines will help you prevent common mistakes that can lead to a pool fire. Here's a summary: 1) Keep your pool dry! If your pool is built outside, make sure the pool is located away from any exposed outdoor objects or vegetation. This way, water cannot run down the walls and fall into the pool. 2) Use plastic pool covers! They make covering your pool much easier, especially since most companies don't do this in their pools.  3) Use the right tools — a pool pump/dehumidifier, a pool pump motor and pump, pool pumps, an outlet box and a safety box, drain pan, drainage pipe, and suction tube. Make sure each item is properly labeled. 4) Use a self-test to make sure the pump and filter on the pool pump aren't broken or leaking. Check for leaks before each use, especially if you have two or more pools. 5) Use an adequate pool pump and filter motor. Make sure the pressure is properly set. Check to see if you have a drain pan and suction tube with enough height to prevent pool water from overflowing if they are not installed. Make sure the pump runs smoothly. 6) Use an exhaust fan to circulate air around the pool. Make sure there is enough space under the filter to allow room for expansion, if necessary. Check to make sure the fan is attached correctly, so it is not blowing on the ceiling. 7) Be sure the pool pump turns on. Make sure it's not inactivated. It may cause your drain pans to leak. Make sure the pump is properly vented. If your pool drains into a pond, ensure the drain pan is not above the water level to prevent pool water from running back into the pool. 8) Make sure the sprinkler system is working.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Above ground pool inspection checklist

Instructions and Help about Above ground pool inspection checklist

Welcome to Swim University! My name is Matt and this is my friend Dave. We are going to change the sand in his sand filter today. It has been around six years since we last changed it. Over time, the sand loses its coarseness, which affects its filtering abilities. Are you ready to change the sand? Let's do it! Before we start, let's go over a few things you'll need for this task. You'll want to use pool sand or filter sand, not play sand. You'll also need a screwdriver, a shop-vac or a big plastic cup (we'll be using a shop-vac), and duct tape. First, we need to remove the drain plug to drain all the water out of the filter. Once that's done, we'll move on to the next step. The next step involves taking off the collar of the multi-port valve and removing the unions. We'll unscrew the unions gently to avoid breaking the laterals at the bottom of the filter. Next, we'll cover the top of the standpipe with duct tape to prevent any sand from getting inside the pipe, as it would end up back in the pool. With the shop-vac connected, we'll start removing the sand from the filter. Take the standpipe and lift it up to check if the laterals are in good condition. It's crucial to make sure there are no broken laterals, as they would allow sand to enter the pool. After rinsing the laterals with a hose and cleaning out the remaining sand from the filter, we'll proceed to fill the tank halfway full of water.