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Texas pool signs Form: What You Should Know

Jan 20, 2024 — Sign Requirements for Public Swimming Pools and Spas (2) Signs shall be clearly visible within 100 feet of the swimming pool or hot tub. Jan 20, 2024 — Sign Requirements for Public Swimming Pools and Spas (3) Signs shall be in the pool or hot tub and have a clear and unobstructed area of at least 4 × 6 inches, measured in the front of the sign and in the area on the sign facing pool patrons. Jan 20, 2024 — Sign Requirements for Public Swimming Pools and Spas (4) Signs shall be mounted in the swimming pool or hot tub and shall: (A) Not be a barrier; (B) Indicate the following: (i) The rules of safe swimming; (ii) The location where children may go to the pool; (iii) The contact information for the pool and spa manager; and (iv) A general statement about the regulation of the swimming pool or hot tub. (vi) In addition to the above, contain the contact information of the local health department and state board of health if applicable. Texas Pool Rules in Texas Use Texas pool rules signs to prevent, detect and stop criminal activities, maintain safety, and enhance your pool and spa experiences. The Best Quality Texas Pool Signs Texas pool signs are available in different sizes and colors to meet your local or state pool usage. Use Safety Signs to help prevent, detect, and stop dangerous or unsanitary conditions. Texas Safety Signs State of Texas Pool Rules on Texas Pools useful compliant Texas pool signs to meet your state and local pool rules. Display important safety announcements, pool safety rules, and safety notices. These Texas pool laws are important for pool users and pool operators. Texas laws are updated frequently, therefore new law updates on this list may be added as you are aware of them. Texas Public Swimming and Spas Sign Laws on Texas Pools State of Texas Regulations on California State Parks If you wish to have a sign in your state park, park board permit, or other facility, the board must first approve your sign, a process that can take several months. Use the Texas parks sign laws on California State Parks as the state park sign laws to keep you posted. If you own or operate a facility in California and wish to display Texas pool sign laws on your California facilities, we recommend purchasing a Texas license plate that can be displayed at the entrance to your California facility.

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Instructions and Help about Texas pool signs

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