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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Pool inspection scores

Instructions and Help about Pool inspection scores

Hi Steve Stan Rose first choice inspections with another inspection minute I'm gonna run through a pool inspection quickly here with you in touch some points on this this pool first of all any pool accessible gates should be self closing self latching they should swing outward as you can see these gates swing inward they need childproof latches on them and then is to come over to the pool you have the intermediary of enclosure or fencing around the pool itself again these gates these fence gates should be should swing outward they should be self closing they need childproof latches on them so this fencing here does not meet this these standards at all again you have another in swinging gate there that should be out swinging as well the fence itself very very loose and floppy coming apart at some of the joints than any of the any metal components within five feet of the water's edge should be electrically bonded so the diving board jig needs to be bonded here we have a metal skimmer cover on there that should be bonded then we have metal fence posts over here they're within five feet of the other pool edge they should be bonded as you come around over to the side here we have metal windows metal window screens as well as a tin roof here within five feet of the pool edge so these all this metal should be bonded and then here we have a light up on top of the roof edge and that's within oh that's within five feet of the pool right there that needs to be at least 12 feet in height above the water which it's not so that's a shock hazard let's look at the pool itself you can see down on the pool bottom we have some algae growth obviously this pool water has not been chemically balanced for quite some time this was a bank owned home I'm not sure how long this pool has been filled and and how long ago the water was put in here but you can see here algae growth then on that pool steps we have some surface cracking at the edges some plaster Popoff's not too bad though and then the algae growth in those cracked areas you can see there the algie's starting to grow in those areas and then the bottom has some pretty good algae in places you see some itching and the plaster in areas along the edge of the pool over here we have a pool seat and here we have the steel reinforcing is really starting to corrode it's coming through the plaster there's been another repair on the seat itself that's a substandard repair that's not going to last here we have tiles that have come off and as we look closer here you can actually see the pool wall is cracked as well okay so these are all areas of.

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